Quote I am thinking about: “You can’t solve a problem you are not willing to have.”, and, “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift in its hands.” R. Bach

Thanks for checking in! This is what I am doing now:

STILL digesting the beauty of a 6 week tour of Europe including the harvest in Alsace, the fine wines of the Loire, friends in Champagne, friends in Tours, Bordeaux, Avignon and Tuscany, new friends all along the way.  From seeing the Vatican to photographing London’s by-ways to raising a liter at Octoberfest, it was a delicious experience.  We are the richer for meeting the growers and the people who drink their wine.  Ultimately, wine consumption continues to decline in Europe – not because of our efforts on that front.

Also, I continue to write the wine column for ArtChowder Magazine published bi-monthly, available here:, September-October’s issue features a round-up of a few West Coast wines to accompany the cooler, bountiful Autumn. November-December’s issue addresses the impact of temperature on the growing, producing and enjoying aspects of wine before January – February’s edition “In Praise of Taste” is a meditation on what happens as we cultivate connoisseurship. The magazine subscription costs $19/year with the code “CorkJockey19” and a small donation is made to benefit the BigTable charity for restaurant workers in need.

and finally, working as Wine Buyer for Vino! A Wineshop and having a blast! We taste upwards of 300 wines a month to choose 30 -40 for various sales programs – and (most) Fridays at 4:00PST we do a Virtual Tasting of a couple wines in the store paired with a local restaurant providing take-out;

deciphering the noise ordinances of central Chianti…

and looking forward to having the next conversation about wine or words with you!

Let’s catch up! 509-953-1347,


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