Restaurant Training

What makes a successful restaurant wine program? Two things.

Profitability. Engagement.

The fundamentals of wine service and sales need not be dry as a Cabernet Sauvignon. It can be as informative, useful and entertaining enough to be memorable and profitable for every member of your service team.

“‘The Wine Primer’ study guide Eric created keeps the lesson focused and allows the students to refer back to the information for years to come. It is an invaluable tool for me as an instructor that becomes follow up lessons and the basis for quizzes and practical application. I would recommend Eric to anyone looking to increase wine knowledge, comprehension and sales abilities within their operation.”

~Julie Raftis-Litzenberger, Culinary Arts Instructor, Inland Northwest Culinary Academy

Do we really teach wine? Yes. Engaging, informed wine conversation. However, the underlying lessons center around coaching Hospitality.

The sentiments of true hospitality offer guests the welcome to return with the courtesy of a job well done.

It was very evident that you brought with you a true passion and professionalism to put this team together and lead them with kindness.

~Greg Werry, Food and Beverage Director, Northern Quest Resort and Casino

Four, 6 and 8 week courses are offered to adapt to your needs, and they revolve around the basics of wine and food compatibility. They reinforce the details of the menus you have created. Every course focuses on salesmanship. Longer courses add the complexity of cooking technique, old world wines, dessert wines and further details of wine and food interaction.

There is also a segment to assist managers with list coordination, cost control measures and the follow-up training tools to keep everyone on track. Inventory audits are also offered as necessary.

Let’s begin the easy conversation.


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