Wine Tasting Experiences – Spokane/Coeur d’Alene

The Inland Northwest is awash in great places to taste wine.  Our local winemakers are phenomenal, our restaurateurs produce first-rate experiences and our retail shops define professional.

CorkJockey tasting experiences use these three components.  Taste the wine, have some food, buy what you really enjoy.   We taste wine, often, usually on Sundays, usually afternoons.  There are usually between 12 and 30 of us in total.  Happily, the RSVP process is as easy as an email to

What kind of tasting do you want to attend?  Let’s create one!  We create tastings for birthday parties, housewarmings, holiday parties and casual get-togethers.  The best part is developing the theme and scope of the experience.  Wine lends itself to flexibility and interpretation, we just carry it forward.

Personal, professional or purely fun, no matter what your idea of a wine experience, we will work together to get it into the schedule.

Thank you for tasting along!


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