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A lifestyle in the offering.

The choices we make every day between the snooze button and the day’s last chores follow patterns that verge on automatic.
As brands influence decisions, they influence our behavior. If they produce productive results, the decisions and the behaviors become more automatic. They may even expand into other areas of decision-making. These patterned choices, we know as lifestyle. The house we live in, the car we drive, the clothes we wear ripple the effects of the lifestyle we choose. Let’s make your winery an easier lifestyle choice for your existing guests and clients – and expand your impact to others.

Do you believe in what what you do?

Faith and commitment speak the same implicit language that body language speaks so loudly and so fluently. Let’s simplify, clarify and amplify your message.

Part of the way we simplify a message is to pare it down to its essential message. If a restaurant’s message is “We feed you.” we need to follow it up quickly with ways that differentiate the message from every other restaurant. “We feed you for the least money.” is not the best differentiation, but it is one. “We feed you nutritious food for an active lifestyle.” gives a reader many ways to believe.

A hotel may say “We give you a place to sleep.” when the essential message would go further as “We give you a place to sleep when you don’t want to worry about anything.” Or, “We offer you a place to sleep luxuriously.” Or even, “We give you a place to sleep well.”

Each of these messages is a different place about which simple assumptions may be made about the cost, availability and level of service they provide. Our essential message implies the most while eliminating unwanted implicit messages.

I have retained Eric Cook to help promote wine sales writing both tasting notes and materials for wine education.     He displays formidable talent in wine education.  I would highly recommend him.  
- Tim Nodland, owner, Nodland Cellars and Attorney-at-Law

Wineries occupy a unique place in essential message management. Providing a message that implies valuable differentiation from peers hinges on carefully selected niche markets within a narrow and subjective-dominated field.

Often, the message is the prop on the stage, not the script itself. That is where the importance of an operator’s commitment plays it into every aspects of the brand’s “body language”. How do we believe in our brand? How do we encourage our guests and clients to participate? Why would they make the brand part of their lifestyle?

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