Wine Submissions

I love tasting wine. I love sharing it with others. I love finding its place in the atlas and understanding its place in the culinary arts. Thank you for sharing your wine with me; I offer perspective in return for your effort.


If you are a winery, distributor or US importer feel free to contact directly here. A reply with the daytime mailing address will be provided for the wine with:

  1. Technical data: location, varieties/vineyards, barrel aging, ABV %, etc.;
  2. Contact information;
  3. Suggested retail price; and
  4. Where the wine can be purchased.

Please submit wine at your own discretion. CorkJockey is not obligated to endorse, use, review, or drink wine submissions.

Every wine has a place, but wines of place

grasp the intellect and the palate.

Distinctive wines of place

Making a wine that reflects its place or grape or culture is no mean feat. The ability to offer an experienced perspective of a wine is also a special privilege. While there is no charge for the tasting and editorial, I cannot guarantee when they will be tasted due to travel and editorial schedules. However, submitted wines are placed in professional tasting arrangements with other wines and often other professional tasters.  Submitted wines are approached with the understanding that every wine reflects value; hopefully, the distinctive character, culture and place of the wine’s origins reflect as clearly. Tastings are predominantly single-blind situations arranged by grape, region or style in which the typicity of the wines is considered among its peers.

Typicity and Delicious

When a wine reflects its region, grape variety, culture or style well, it is a credit to its producer.  We happily publish a professional impression for your winery, website or ours; if one cannot be formed, it will not be publicized.

Thank you for considering the exposure I offer your brand.

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