Who Invests in a Wine Consultant?

It can be overwhelming, but not unmanageable.

Restaurant Managers and Owners

Hotel Operators


Wine Clubs

Private Collectors

Insurance Claims Managers

Engineering wine menus for restaurants, coaching owners and buyers, training staff to make the most of a guest’s experience – these are the goals to make a wine program integrate with everything else on your menus. There may be more wine in your cellar than you can sell or drink.  Together, we create a program that fits your restaurant, budget, current skill set and goals.

 “Eric Cook has brought his wine expertise to my classroom for the past 10+ years and it has become one of the most highly anticipated lessons of the quarter.   Somehow Eric is able to condense his vast knowledge into a 3-4 hour lesson, tying in the basics of fermentation, grape varieties, production, culinary applications, and proper fine dining wine service to an ever-changing dynamic of ages and experience levels. His lessons are engaging, entertaining and easy to understand. " 
~ Julie Raftis-Litzenberger, Culinary Arts Instructor, Inland Northwest Culinary Academy 

Hire me to assist in your journey with wine, its service, collection, consumption strategy and valuation.

Or, read on for more perspective to defining the service that will serve you.

However, there is no substitute for an experienced wine professional to assess value, one who can recommend consumption and sales strategies.  In some circumstances, I connect clients with established brokers, or insurance or legal resources that help manage their wine their way.   Influences on a restaurant’s choices are internal choices to a food menu and theme; but they are also external to the community selling wine around your establishment.  Together, we implement the strategy with current market conditions to boost your sales with a wider perspective.

Repurposing a wine collection refocuses its main investment strategy.

Private collectors organize their collections, use buying strategies based on their collecting goals, attend auctions and build out the cellar that keeps it all pristine. Some collectors organize fantastic dinners around their collection, others do not; consumption patterns differ. Hire me to make the most of your investment.

My services simplify your situation, reinforce your goals and offer avenues for procurement or liquidation. As easy as a teleconference or as involved as an on-site inventory of a collection all the way through to storage and sales strategy. Every step of the way, your confidence translates to my stock in trade. My business bases in former clients’ recommendations, so I am also invested in your wine.

My most frequent clients are the professionals in restaurants: owners, managers and servers. If we can sell it better, more easily and profitably, let’s do that! Wine shops, tasting bars and other wine retailers in restaurants and bottle shops raise their standards of service and sales by hiring me. More sales and attentive connection to your client benefit bottom line profitability and employee engagement through learning. The efficient management of wine and alcohol resources also maintains profitability. And I can save you time taking inventory. Some of my resources are geared specifically to expedite the process and accuracy of responsible management of wine and spirits.

It is possible to serve without selling, but it impossible

to sell without serving.

Hire me to assist in your journey with wine, its service, collection, consumption and valuation.

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